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Belize register its 12th covid related death and fifty eight new cases

A man from the Orange Walk District has died after being tested positive for Covid-19.  This patient makes twelve deaths reported to date under the Covid-19 data.  According to the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero, the patient passed away at a private facility in Belize City.

A man from the Orange Walk District has died after being tested positive for Covid-19.  This patient makes twelve deaths reported to date under the Covid-19 data.  According to the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero, the patient passed away at a private facility in Belize City.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “This is another case that has been identified post mortem if you will. The person was not being seen by public system the person died at a private facility in Belize City. He is from Orange Walk I don’t have the exact location. I have asked the Central Health region for a review of the death certificate because I don’t know what they had put. I was told however that it seemed to be a cardiac condition so he was being treated for that and he actually died on Tuesday night and the sample was sent to our Central Medical Lab yesterday and that was confirmed early this morning actually because it went through a Gene Expert and we’re processing other Gene Expert samples for the rest of the country and so that information would have been released now to the private facility but that’s the diagnosis we have.”

Reporter: Now we’re seeing several cases being detected post mortem. Could you explain what is causing that or what are the contributing factors to that? 

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “Well I flagged it in discussion held with CARPHA colleagues earlier today to see if there’s any other country is going through. I know that in Mexico they are reporting mortality rates associated to cardiac disease, obesity, hyper tension, diabetes which are common factors for us. One thing we are noting is that it’s mostly males as well that are arriving without necessarily having any respiratory condition. It has been described in the literature elsewhere that SARS COV 2 can put a predisposing note so that you are more likely to have clots forming which means you’re more likely to have a stroke, more likely to have a heart attack or any heart condition if you already have a preexisting condition. We have a patient for example referred from San Pedro due to a stroke that was last week and when he was swabbed we found that it is SARS COV 2 and he has been sent to recover he was one week in the ICU and has been discharged so every patient is different I guess and it also has to do with underlying conditions a person might have.”

Reporter: But you said you flagged the matter in CARPHA meeting that you had what was the general response ? 

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “They are asking if we can start- well of course we document everything but I don’t know that any other region Caribbean countries having that with people suddenly dying I think that’s the key factor for us that’s different where people just show up and die and you make the diagnosis post mortem. For the most part you’re making the diagnosis due to a respiratory condition so we’ll go back and start to dissect each case individually and see if we can come up with any specific patter of what may be happening.”

Reporter: When you say they’re diagnosed post mortem does this mean that the test is not conducted until after they have passed or is it that closer to their passing they started showing some sort of symptoms that would trigger a test ?

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “It would be both. For example the lady that came from and died was diagnosed meanwhile once she got to the hospital she was pronounced dead we swabbed her after that. The first case in Belize City was swabbed after he had died so it’s been a combination of both or people who are arriving critically ill and then die those have been swabbed as well. Now mind you that’s not the only cases we have had other people that don’t have SARS COV 2, a gentleman in Corozal arrived and died but he had a septic condition but we still did the SARS COV 2 and he’s negative so I mean people will die for other reasons as well.”

Belize has jumped the eight hundred mark as it relates to Covid-19 and has reported a dozen deaths related to the virus.  Tonight the number of confirmed cases stands at eight hundred and eighteen with only fifty four listed as recovered patients.  In only twenty three days Belize has gone from seventy two cases to eight hundred and eighteen.  We are in the second wave and according to the data from the Ministry of Health the majority of cases are male patients.  The Orange Walk District currently holds the highest number of cases with two hundred and forty three followed by Ambergris Caye with two hundred and twenty seven.  Over the last seven days we have seen the number of positive cases drop as low as seventeen, going back up to as many as fifty eight.  Love News spoke with Dr Marvin Manzanero to find out what are the contributing factors for the rise in numbers.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “I don’t know that we’re seeing any improvement when you do the raw data in terms of statistics and raw averages it certainly is lower when you compare it week by week to what we had two weeks last week beginning of last week. Fifty eight is still fairly high but we have had numbers of seventy plus some few weeks ago. I don’t know that it’s lower over all rates I don’t want to make it seem like that again when you look at the cases in Orange Walk I mentioned in different forums that we are monitoring that particular situation particularly three villages in Orange Walk Town. We just had a surveillance team meeting from the team that just came back from Orange Walk they’ve been there for four days on the ground at the different villages and the sense that also goes along with that is that people can’t necessarily some of them as soon as they start feeling well they might have to go out and not necessarily keep their quarantine because at the end of the day it may have to be a survival situation. I mean we swabbed a good amount of people in San Felipe on Monday so those samples are coming back to Belize City so I anticipate through the weekend we’re gonna have more numbers start to pop up in Orange Walk. We had said as soon as the San Pedro was more or less numbers start to plateau that Orange Walk was going to be the second situation that we are going to have to look at and that’s precisely how it’s turning out to be.”

Love News understands that currently at the KHMH there are six patients in isolation and three on ventilators.