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Belize registers 37 covid-19 cases

Belize has now registered thirty-seven confirmed cases of Covid-19.  Four new cases were uncovered among a set of tests that was carried out on Friday. 

Belize has now registered thirty-seven confirmed cases of Covid-19.  Four new cases were uncovered among a set of tests that was carried out on Friday.  According to the Office of the Director of Health Services, These 4 cases are related to the previously identified 3 cases on Thursday and all 7 members of this family remain at the quarantine center in Orange Walk. One person displayed minor signs and symptoms and was sent at the hospital but has not warranted in hospital treatment.  According to the Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, the family is not cooperating with the Ministry which has made the contact tracing difficult.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “I think this can be a more difficult situation to control because people want to purposely hide from the system as opposed to when you have an opened air port that you know what specifically is coming and where they’re coming to , that might be a more easier process to be able to follow and control as opposed to the illegal crossings that we have no, Health at least doesn’t have any real notion of the number of the levels of exposures; and then you have people that don’t want to provide you information I can tell you the last seven people that we captured they really have not been forthcoming with the information so it makes the contact tracing more difficult. The father of family, the male, he was seen at the hospital Northern Regional but was released he wasn’t that ill to warrant staying inside a hospital setting. All of them are virtually asymptomatic and they are at the quarantine center in Orange Walk. That contact tracing started basically on Friday. On Saturday there was a preliminary report of potential suspect cases and when I say suspect cases it’s anybody who is deemed a close contact and is showing any sign or symptom and because COVID-19 can give you a very wide array of symptom any person who is having any kind of sign of symptom is going to be considered as a suspect case. Those persons who are placed in isolation at their home in Blue Creek and they were swabbed those samples should be processed tomorrow.”

This morning reports to our newsroom were that the decision to place the Orange Walk district under a lockdown was being considered by the National Oversight Committee. Dr. Manzanero commented on the report saying that there hasn’t been any discussion to lockdown the Orange Walk District.

Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “The state of emergency is particular for two border communities and it’s basically one is the fact that we’ve identified now seven cases when it was initially enacted on Friday and the other has to do with the reports of border crossings being illegal and the potential situation that can bring about whether that can be extended to any other area I would not be able to say. From the Ministry of Health we basically make recommendations based on the findings, decisions are made higher up from our end and there would be specific reasons for doing that. One of those I presume would be once you identify community transmission and if you consider that it has extended beyond the border communities but since we don’t have that that’s not something that I know has been discussed.”