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Belize represented at Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit

Two Belizean women were in Jamaica last week, participating in the 5th Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit. The forum was held under the theme Routing our GPS (Governance, Peace and Security). One of the participants, Dominique Noralez, spoke of her experience.


Dominique Noralez

“Well of course it was a great experience. I very much enjoyed it. I learned a lot from young people across the Caribbean even ministers, the youngest parliamentarians in the region was there Travis Robinson he is from the Bahamas so there was a lot to learn and a lot to go around. What came out of it were four position papers in terms of leadership of young people in the Caribbean so there was political, economical, social and one more which I can’t remember but my cluster focused on the political landscape of the Caribbean in terms of young people in politics and political power dynamics so that was the outcome of my cluster. My favorite one was from a political strategist Ms.Gaskins he is from the Bahamas and we focused on governance and geopolitics the way geographical positions play on power and also another one was one by Dr.Henry Charles he looked at leadership of young people in the global south meaning anything south of the equator and how colonialism and historical similarities play a part in the way Caribbean societies are run.”