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Belize Scouting Foundation Has a Brand New Home Of Their Own

For the very first time, an official scouting ceremony was held at the newly erected “Sir. Colville Young” Building - home of the Belize Scouts Association and the Belize Scouting Foundation.

For the very first time, an official scouting ceremony was held at the newly erected “Sir. Colville Young” Building – home of the Belize Scouts Association and the Belize Scouting Foundation. The ceremony was held to highlight a donation of five acoustic guitars from the non-profit organization “The Higher Education Project”, funded by the Hotchandani family, to four branch groups of the Belize Scouting Association. National Scout Executive Roberto Lopez expressed immense gratitude for the musical donation.

Roberto Lopez, National Scout Executive

Roberto Lopez, National Scout Executive: “Today we witnessed the donation from the Hotchandani family of five guitars for the Scouts Association. This is a great step for the association where we can garner the experience of the children playing the guitar and not only that but teaching the children something valuable that they can learn and make money off in the future with their guitars and also with the erection of the building that you see behind me it is a wonderful thing because first of all the association had never had it’s own headquarters, we were always under some place that the government used to put us but now we have our own building that is our very won home for scouting in Belize so we are excited and today’s a very good day for us. Music is a special aspect in scouting. We have a badge for music so whatever you can think of that occurs in the general public scouts is a part of it. The scout groups that are getting these guitars the will be offering training for the playing of the guitar. The fifth one that was donated the association will look into other aspects as to getting the broader community that is not involved in scouts for us to bring these children to learn how to play the guitar as well.”

The Sr. Colville Young building is still under construction with the final touches being added. Supervisor of the building committee Francis Woods spoke about how, what was once a dream came to reality.

Francis Woods, Supervisor of the Building Committee

Francis Woods, Supervisor of the Building Committee: “Feels really great you know we’ve been here from the start, from the inception like His Excellency Sir Colville Young said it was just a dream a couple of years ago and then I was able to get the conceptual what the scouts association wanted, the Belize Scout Association wanted what they envisioned and then we worked wit that plan and got it to how we really thought we could make it work and we did all the fund raising and we just started and it’s a really nice structure, it’s really practical. Our cost has been very economical yet we have a very strong building. There are so many features in it that we’re proud of, I would think that the terrace is one of the nicest features that I like because you get to view the city, you get to see the sea, we’re calling it the Baron Bliss Terrace and it’s very unique because we can look down at the Government House and see the boat that the Baron Bliss used to travel on, the Sea King so for us that’s a really special floor and I think it’s an area where the scouts will be able to set up camp and do a lot of march and practices up there. As soon as the COVID restrictions are relieved a little bit we will be having a more official opening that way we can invite and have a lot of scouts fans from neighboring countries that want to come for the inauguration so that date might be six months from now as soon as we feel very safe when it comes to the COVID situation.”

The master of today’s ceremonies was Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. Chairman of the Belize Scouting Foundation.  Villanueva expressed great pride and joy in seeing such an important step is taken to strengthen the Scouting Association of Belize. The ceremony was held in the future room of a museum that will be dedicated to his Excellency Sir. Colville Young.