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Belize Signs UN Convention against Corruption

Today is International Anti Corruption Day and Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber signed the treaty making Belize a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The announcement that Belize would be signing on to the UNCAC came in October this year after pressure from the social partners, particularly the Belize National Teachers Union. In November Cabinet agreed to move straight to accession and the Senate held a special sitting on November 30 to approve the motion. Acting Prime Minister Faber said it has not been smooth sailing for Belize to arrive at this point.

Faber said the Government is committed to adhering to the Convention.

Present at today’s signing ceremony was the United Nation’s resident coordinator, Christian Salazar Volkmann.

Government officials and members of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry were present at today’s signing ceremony. Belize became the 184th country to sign on to the UNCAC.