Belize snags two gold medals at the CARIFTA Games

Belize snags two gold medals at the CARIFTA Games

Over the weekend, Belize was able to snag two Gold Medals at the 50th CARIFTA Games held in the Bahamas. Belizean athlete, 14-year-old Demetrie Meyers, dominated two of the track and field events’ biggest races. On Saturday, Meyers captured first place and left his competitors in the dust in the U-17 Boys1500m Finals. And, on Sunday Meyers stunned the crowd once again and won Gold in the U17 Men 3000m Finals. Today, Meyers spoke to Love News about the huge accomplishment and how he felt representing the Jewel on the international stage.

Demetrie Meyers, Athlete: “I feel really amazing about my accomplishments. I wouldn’t say it was an easy accomplishment to achieve especially that it hasn’t been done ever and I got two gold medals after only getting one silver last year it was tough just to get to the CARIFTA games and I had to put in all the effort I could and stay determined and keep on fighting through the race and I got the win. I felt not only because this is my third medal in the CARIFTA games, it’s my second gold medal and Belize is going to notice and it’s going to be just a big difference for the country. It’s not just me, it’s my dad, my siblings, my mom, my grandparents, my cousins, my aunts, uncles, everything. It’s a team effort and we have to put in equal amounts of efforts to get where we need to be and the work doesn’t stop. The most important thing is to stay determined and as long as you keep on doing your hard work, the things that you need to do because the only way to be successful is doing the things we need to do so that we could do the things we want to do. What’s next is I’m going to the U17 next year I’m going to try my hardest to break both the 15 and the 3,000 meter record and I’m going to try to come home with the best place that I can in the 800.”

Meyers’ father and Coach, Gregory Meyers, says he is offering support to any young Belizean athlete looking to hone their skills. Here’s how he explained the need to support the nation’s young athletes.

Gregory Myers, Father of Demetrie Meyers: “We hope that this is the beginning of – I don’t want to say dominance but our presence on the international stage, our presence that will not recede. That we’re gonna keep coming and I implore that if anybody whether at home in Belize or abroad has any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the association or me directly through Facebook or WhatsApp and you could freely distribute my number it’s 347-407-3583 or you could reach me at Gmail at or you could also reach me on the Belize Athletics Association Facebook page where we’ve been posting all these things. I get those direct responses as I am the PR executive for the association now. So any question doesn’t matter what it is that’s what I do we coach, we coach abroad, we coach afar whatever we have to do to support our nation, to support our country, to support our children, to support our senior athletes in their endeavors.”

Demetri Myers was born in Belize, but migrated to the USA to hone his track and field skills and compete in various events.

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