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Belize – Still ‘Officially’ ZIKA-FREE

Belize officially remains the only country in Central America where a case of the ZIKA virus has not been confirmed.  Despite recent reports of an American woman contracting it following a trip to the southern and western parts of Belize, health officials are yet to find any alarming results thus far.  Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero told Love News that the assessments continue in Dangriga and will begin in the Cayo District tomorrow while Toledo has been completed.


“We don’t have any Zika confirmed cases; I am unable to say that we have Zika. We don’t have any confirmed cases of Zika but we could have and that is what we are trying to find out; we are trying to cover all our bases. In Toledo, the field investigation is completed but we are doing interventions yet. In Stann Creek we are doing  further field work, we are doing field work tomorrow in Cayo.”

So far, two test samples have been sent to Port of Spain and results are still pending.  As it relates to the assessments, Dr Manzanero explained what the field officers are obliged to do while conducting their work in the districts.


“Field officers go and look for potential prospects, families, areas; they go in search of mosquitos, people who may be sick, that is why it’s a little bit cagey because we go house to house and that is why we normally don’t give details of our investigation because I can’t tell you names and those kinds of things because people shut down and then refuse to give us information.”


“And so once they are done with that then they come back and give a report?”


“They come back every day, yes.”

Love News will keep following the progress of these assessments as they continue.