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Belize Surpasses the One-Thousand Mark in Active Cases of SARS-COV2

In the past six days the Ministry of Health has confirmed five hundred and ninety-seven positive cases of Covid-19. During this period from August 21 to the 27th there have been hundreds of persons under investigation. Persons under investigation means that the results of their PCR tests are yet to be delivered but they are experiencing Covid-like symptoms. The situation is dire as Belize now has one thousand and twenty-eight persons currently infected with the virus while the number of hospitalizations has doubled in 24 hours. Director of Medical Services at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), Dr Adrian Coye, explained that the facility has been operating at full capacity in its Covid Unit.

Dr.Adrian Coye, Director of Medical Services, KHMH: “This morning our COVID unit for its current capacity is full and it’s been like that recurrently. We have been having patients discharged and we have movements of patients but we’ve all practically from the beginning we’ve been running a hundred capacity almost continuously. We can’t emphasize enough the fact that we see that there is a significant protection that vaccination offers, it does offer major protection for patients and the ones that are doing very poorly are the ones who have been unvaccinated. There is no cure for COVID. There is no cure, there are medications that are being utilized that my help patients to weather the storm which is the inflammatory cascade and the storm that we know about and been describing many times but there is no cure for COVID. And the measures that we have are mainly a public health campaign requires the social distancing, as minimal contact as you can have with your fellow man unfortunately the wearing of masks which is another tool and vaccination. These are all the tools that we have right now and the quicker we can get vast majority if not the whole population vaccinated then we will be in this cycle over and over you will just have this pocket here, that outbreak there because the very nature of viruses is that it requires human interaction for it to move around, it doesn’t move on it’s own.”

For the period March to December 2020 the KHMH saw one hundred and fifty three persons admitted. For the year 2021 the hospital has seen one hundred and thirty six persons hospitalized with the virus. While the ministry has not given a recent update on the number of vaccinated persons, Dr Adrian Coye says getting vaccinated is only a part of the measures needed to control the numbers.

Dr.Adrian Coye, Director of Medical Services, KHMH: “Vaccination is just one tool in all that we have in the armamentarium of medicine. It has a long history of successes there’s no reason why this no matter how you look at it even if it’s a matter of refining it as they go along but it is proven itself already but because we have taken so long to reach the point of universal acceptance then we’ve given the chance for the virus to mutate and to become deadlier and things like that. This is not the first time the world has seen pandemics and we’ve seen even in recent year, our lifetime, pandemics but they were crushed and they were crushed for different reasons. Unfortunately in this version of events or the series of events relates to a particularly potent virus and no matter how you pretty it up it’s still a virus and it doesn’t think. We can’t outsmart it it’s doing what it’s programmed to do. We on the other hand have to figure it out. I mean do we want to live with it then we can say ‘I’m going to live with it and the consequences. If we want to talk about economics and all of those things they’re all important but at the end of the day the virus is there and we can’t ignore it and countries have lost the plot for sure I don’t think we have, I think we really have many things to be proud about how we’ve managed or how we’ve been lucky at least in many ways but you cannot say that we don’t have access to vaccines. And that is by far one of the greatest responsibility any ministry or any country in this world could have to provide for its nation because no matter how many ventilators you put in place or how many this and that in terms of medical supplies the unfortunate thing is this condition is not curable. That’s the reality.”