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Belize takes on Mexico in Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league

The FFB Stadium will be abuzz with action later tonight as Belize’s national Champions Verdes FC Belize will be hosting Gallos Blancos de Queretaro in the Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league. Belize has not been a part of the competition since 2008. Earlier today Love News caught up with the community manager for the Mexican selection, Cesar Patricio.

Cesar Patricio – Gallos Blancos de Queretaro

We think that it will be a good match because all the CONCACAF teams are growing a lot in clubs and also in national teams so we think that it will be a good match and the team has prepared a lot for all this competition because for us it’s very important because it’s our first international competition in the history of the team. So we are going to take seriously the match, the team is prepared and we have a department that has seen all matches and prepared all this for tonight.”

We also spoke with Operation manager for Verdes FC Belize, Jose Perez who said his team is ready for show time.

Jose Perez – Operations Manager, Verdes FC

Verdes has been preparing for the last three months with friendly matches both local and foreign, in fact we had eleven matches in direct preparation for this match. We are taking this match very seriously you know Mexico has some excellent teams and we have done the necessary preparations with respect to taking the players over to Guatemala to play their premier leagues. We’ve also strengthened the team with the importation of a Trinidadian and two Brazilian players along with star player Deon McCauley and our leading goal scorer Jared Davis so we feel the team is quite prepared and we’ll give Queretaro a run for their money tonight.”