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Belize Takes VP Seat at CSUCA

The University of Belize has been invited to join the Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano, CSUCA. In fact, through its President, Professor Clement Sankat, UB is asked to take up the post of vice president of the regional body. CSUCA is a consortium of Central American universities which promotes  the development of scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge and its application in the training of professionals capable of making decisions and influencing the sustainable development of the region. Professor Sankat explained how being part of CSUCA can benefit Belize’s education system.


It puts UB on the map at least in the region and out of that hopefully we can benefit from the partnerships that would help to develop our institution as well as the other institutions of this organization. Areas that are important for us, areas of the quality of our programs, the accreditation of our programs, mobility of students between institutions and let me say as president I would love to see more Central American students come to the University of Belize, there is much expectation from my end of this with respect of assuming the high offices there but of course it’s going to be a learning process for me as well because I don’t know these countries very well or their institutions very well but this will give UB an opportunity to build partnerships with these countries. And of course in many cases it will also help build capacity in sharing of resources because we are small entities in the world and universities are expensive to run, can we share resources, can we share program, can we share staff, can we share library resources, all possible. So this is going to be a new experience for me and possibly sometimes challenging because of Spanish but don’t worry we live in a global world.”

After taking the post of Vice president, Sankat will be elevated to President. His first meeting is scheduled for September in Nicaragua.