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Belize to Export over Thousand Heads of Cattle

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that the country will be exporting one thousand three hundred and fifty-three heads of cattle. This is the largest export of cattle from Belize. Today, two hundred and fifty-seven of the animals left the country. Minister Jose Mai told our Belmopan Correspondent, Fem Cruz more about this development.

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “This month November exactly one year after election we have the largest export of cattle going out: 1,353 animals are leaving the country this month. Today 257 animals are leaving the country and that’s a revenue of close to $1.3 million dollars in the month of November, that is exactly one year after election and that to me is remarkable. It is foreign exchange that we need, it creates employment, it creates income to farmers, farming families and employees. We travelled to El Salvador and we met with the minister of agriculture and his technical staff and economic advisors and we visited the markets and we’re looking to identify certain commodities that we can compete with, that we can offer to El Salvador. So we have identified three or four which we believe we can compete with but right now we’re still analyzing the data and then we have further discussions with the Salvadoran government because we have to look at what are their trade  tariffs, what are the trade agreements, what are the trade protocols that they have in place. They may allow us to come in with certain commodities  maybe if they need the product they may waive tariffs but this discussion is still to be held with them .They did welcome the idea, the concept of exporting to El Salvador, as a matter of fact it was they who brought it up to us and so we are optimistic about trading with El Salvador.”