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Belize to Get High-Tech Plane Radar

During the interview Prime Minister John Briceno explained that the government is seeking to obtain high-tech equipment like a radar to combat the drug trade.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “We have been working through COCESNA and we are in the process of getting one through COCESNA but now he informed me this week now that the Americans are prepared to provide a radar that will have a long reach that will be able to cover pretty much all of our exclusive economic zone and to be able to go far into either the air space of countries near us so that from far we’ll be able to track these planes that are coming and to be able to predict where they are, the place where they’re most likely going to land. But it also requires more than just that because in some instances these plane landings are in far to reach places, difficult to get there so that by the time the police gets there they are gone. So we need to do a number of things. One is to be able to increase our intelligence and so that whenever we see an area being prepared as a potential landing site to go and destroy it. So the BDF has been doing a number of that along with the help of the police but also we also need air cover whereby you know like what they’re starting to do in the other countries that you could then deploy a plane that could then follow these drug planes when they’re trying to come into our air space that we could be able to track them and so it would be difficult for them to land without us knowing exactly where they’re landing and then can see whatever activity and even follow the drug. And lastly we also have to continue or to strengthen the sharing of intelligence. Mexico has been very helpful, of course the United States. We’re starting to work no with Honduras and certainly also with Guatemala that once we could share intelligence then we’ll make it even more difficult for these planes to be landing in Belize.