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Belize to Implement National Drivers Database

Taiwan’s Technical Mission in Belize has teamed up with the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) to bring an electronic system to Belize for driver and vehicle licenses as well as vehicle registration complemented by a web portal for information access.  Technology experts from Taiwan were in Belize meeting with officials from the Transport Department conducting an assessment of what currently exists as well as the technical needs and the way forward.  During that assessment it was found out that the majority of the country’s records are in hard copy with very little computerized information and that each district has their own database with no centralized online access.  As it relates to traffic tickets, the assessment revealed that only half of them are paid and that has been resulting in the loss of revenue in every municipality and with this weakness in the system, a national database that would give law enforcement full access of the driver’s history is being explored.  With this system looking to be implemented, each municipality will have digitized and stored database that can be accessed countrywide and checkpoint officials will be able to use wireless internet to access the driver’s history and current status.  On the drivers’ end, they will be able to apply for their licenses and vehicle registration online.  The Taiwanese officials met with the heads of all nine municipalities including six Mayors last week for this latest innovation towards CITO’s e-government initiatives.