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Belize Tourism Board holds training for taxi operators

The Belize Tourism Board teamed up with the Caribbean Tourism Organization for a Taxi Customer Service Training to enhance the professional development, best practices, skills and knowledge of taxi drivers. We spoke to the Director of cruise destination planning for Belize Tourism Board, Noriko Gamero.

Noriko Gamero – Director, Cruise Tourism

“The importance of this training today is the successful taxi training. One of the things that we’ve seen over the years is the impact of the cruise lines choosing a destination like Belize, is the impact on the guest experience ranking that we had. The last ranking that was done was I think two years ago, and we were 23 out of 30 in the Caribbean so we know that there is a need to improve on that guest experience. The taxis in general have the association guides do a lot of the city tours which have been one our weakest areas in our guest satisfaction so we are working with them through this training from the CTO which is the Caribbean Tourism Organization to improve on their delivery to learn different skills and strategies that they can impose into their day to day activities to really get our rankings to a higher level.”

We also spoke to Sharon Banfieldbovell who works at Caribbean Tourism Organization

Sharon Banfieldbovell – Caribbean Tourism Organization

“We are happy to be partnering with the Belize Tourism Board on this initiative. I work for an organization, the Caribbean Tourism Organization and we have responsibility for regional tourism development and one of the things that we recognize is that in order for us to remain competitive because tourism is indeed a very competitive industry,that we have to be able to offer beyond just good experiences in our destinations, we have to up the ante and go from good to great. So this initiative, this training is going to allow the opportunity for us to share some skills and tools and techniques and tips that can help a really vital sector. The taxi sector, the transportation sector of our tourism industry plays such a vital role because consistency is just as important. Get a sense of who are, customers are and what their needs are because we can’t properly meet those needs without understanding who our customers are and understanding what they expect when they come to our destinations. We have 27 member countries in the Caribbean region and we offer a variety of training programs.”

The taxi customer service training will continue on Saturday and wrap up on Monday.