Belize Tourism Board Initiates Major Upgrades to Recreational Areas in Cayo District

Belize Tourism Board Initiates Major Upgrades to Recreational Areas in Cayo District

Two recreational areas in the Cayo District are getting major upgrades thanks to the Belize Tourism Board. Today, the statutory body broke ground for the rehabilitation of the Santa Elena River Park and the El Cayo Boardwalk. The projects are estimated to take approximately six months and come at a cost of nine hundred thousand dollars. Love News was there and spoke to Minister of Tourism Anthony Mahler about the project and how it is expected to bolster the twin town’s tourism product. 

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism: “The Honorable Orlando Habet came to me and showed me the concept which I liked. I took it back to my team, I had some discussions and he took it back to his team had some discussions and now we’re here today inaugurating a groundbreaking for this project. Like I said in my talk, infrastructure for people to enjoy the natural assets that we have the infrastructure has to be up to par. And so we are going through the entire country in the main tourism zones to invest in infrastructural projects to enhance the tourism industry. Well I always believe that any project that we do of this nature should create an environment where people could come in and generate a living so it has to have some kiosks where people can sell their products whatever it is, it has to have some area for entertainment, it has to have some of the basic facilities like bathroom and that type of thing and so those are the infrastructural needs that a project like this would come with. The designs or the design of it is so that it can cope with the natural elements and also I believe that some of the kiosks will be able to – have taken the flooding into consideration. But I must say this is a great way to start the work week to be in beautiful San Ignacio on this river bank here on a beautiful piece of real estate in Belize.”

Cayo Northeast Area Representative Minister Orlando Habet says the facilities will be built with climate-resilience features and are expected to be used for a range of yearly activities. 

Orlando Habet, Area Representative, Cayo North East: “The concept of the Cayo Boardwalk has been in existence for about twenty two years. I was the mayor of the town between 2002 to 2003. Our team came up with this concept. We tried to do this construction, it wasn’t possible we were voted out in 2003 but we left the concept at the town council. And the idea is to have a space for our community to come out and enjoy the river. Any event that is here we had Pit Pan Races, we had canoe races, we have the annual Ruta Maya River Challenge. Any sporting event that takes place is very important for us. Now this part of the river affords a natural grandstand to be able to view the events that happen along the river. But also even when we do not have any sporting events it is also very important because it has a natural grandstand where you can look over the river and see what is happening. So it’s a space for our people to come out to enjoy. It’s a space for our visitors both local and foreigners to come and so it is something that I think is absolutely important for the transformation, the look of our town. This is only one part of the concept and now it has come to fruition because by partnering with the Honorable Anthony Mahler and the Belize Tourism Board we are getting assistance from them, we are doing our contribution and finally we’re had the ground breaking today to start the construction of this long awaited project.”

The initiative is a partnership with the Central Government and the BTB.

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