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Belize Tourism Industry On a Slow but Steady Rebound

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down the tourism industry for almost two years and in 2022, the industry, the biggest money-earner for Belize is continuing on a slow but steady upward rebound. The BTB’s Director of Tourism, Evan Tillett says that he’s cautiously optimistic that this year will be a promising one.

Evan Tillett, Director of Tourism, Belize Tourism Board: “We are currently still working on the numbers for 2021-2022 but what we have seen is definitely a rebound since the COVID pandemic. We remain positive that we will continue to rebound. I think Belize led the way in the region in terms of it’s rebounding as it relates to tourism visitation to our destination. We continue to focus on strategic marketing which allows a lot of people to come into our country and of course we still have some gaps in tourism that we are working on in order to try and fix so that we can have a world class product and compete on a global level. So in terms of the numbers we I would say is somewhere around 70 to 75% of where we were 2019 in the past three last quarter and so the outlook is very positive and we will continue to push to get to 2019 and beyond as we grow tourism.”