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Belize Training and Employment Centre to formulate training program

The Belize Training and Employment Centre partnered with the College of the Bahamas to hold a work shop called the Guest Services, the Gold Standard. Their aim is to develop their own training program. Vanessa Johnson, Training and Recruitment Officer of BTEC explains.

Vanessa Johnson, Training and Recruitment Officer

“BTEC has partnered with the college of the Bahamas we have undertaken actually this is the second part of the training last week or a couple weeks ago we did one on training for the trainers on how to perform that job description and currently we are doing guest services the gold standard because what BTEC is intending to do is based on these trainings that we are receiving right now to develop our own training and then impart that to the greater Belizean public.”

Johnson says that for now the training is focused on mainly the private sector.

Vanessa Johnson, Training and Recruitment Officer

Right now we have partnered with the private sector, the hotels, people that are more so dealing with front desk type job descriptions so we have partners from the Radisson, Chaa Creek ,BTB joining us today but later on we do want to as I said enable the materials that we are learning here to impart that to the general public. Right now BTEC has its job readiness training because what we do is we are demand base training so we initially were dealing with the BPOs and now in anticipation for the tourism season we then want to shift gears towards the hospitality industry.”

Love News asked Johnson what happens after the training has been completed.

Vanessa Johnson, Training and Recruitment Officer

The training actually is for us to get certified through the American Hotel and Lodging educational institute so BTEC and our trainers we will have that capacity and that certification because we are trying to offer guest services gold. So it’s just to ensure that the people who are currently in the tourism sector especially front desk type services can receive that training to give excellent service to both locals and foreigners alike.”