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Belize turns 36

We are only hours away from celebrating Belize’s 36th anniversary of its Independence. This year’s celebration is being held under the theme “Confronting Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs, Renewing our resolve”.  Love News took to the streets to find out what does celebrating 36 years of Independence mean for Belizeans.

Belizeans’ comments

“The country independent for thirty six years now and it’s a time to come together to celebrate our history and all that Belize has accomplished.”

“Pretty much independence just means standing strong and united together. On Independence Day I pretty much go and watch the parade and celebrate the country being free.”

“As a country I feel that we are independent but not fully independent as we are not fully together as one unified as a people so we are independent and known as a nation but we are not independent as people because we have a lot of controversies in our country at this time.”

“It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate to be proud that we are Belizean and that we have a name and proud to be Belizeans. We are blessed and God gave us beautiful weather to out with friends and enjoy this independence.”


After 36 years what exactly have we accomplished? Has Belize truly grown in leaps and bounds as our theme implies “Celebrating Triumphs”.

Belizeans’ comments

“The only triumph that we have seen is the achieving of independence. Since then there hasn’t been any other triumph.”

“To be honest there have been a lot of achievements to see where our country has come from not being independent to being independent now you can see it all around the infrastructure, educational, mobility as well so there has been a lot of achievements and success that our country has gotten since we gained independence to now.”

The hike in gas prices, which came into effect today, has put a damper on the celebrations for some. Love News got business owners’ reaction to the hike in gas prices.

Belizeans comments

“Fuel prices affect everything that is and that moves in the entire country. The farmer has to pay more for fuel, the grocer has to pay more for fuel, suppliers have to pay more for fuel so the people that use these supplies and must turn it into products that sell across the counter to the public must raise their prices because fuel prices affect everything. I used to pay $2.75 per pound of onions now I am paying $3.75 can I give that dollar away to the customer or should I charge them a bit more just to break even ? There is no profit in business these days I’m telling you it is very difficult and we always find who to blame for raising prices in this country. We always who to blame, we never look at where the real blame is right at our doorsteps, right at our ruling government.”

“The cost of the products that I sell raise because the transport for me to bring it here in Belize goes up because the gasoline went up and everything went up because they use transport to bring it here. The salary for the people is the same, so they will buy less with the same money and that is the devaluation of our money. They don’t’ see it like that but that is the devaluation of our money.”