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Belize Vaccination Rate Among the Highest in the Region Says Dr. Marcelo Coyi

And while party-goers and those who break the COVID regulations frustrate Dr. Coyi, he is made happy with the increasing number of vaccinated persons. More than one hundred and eight thousand persons in the county have been fully vaccinated. Dr. Coyi says this is one of the highest numbers in the region.

Dr.Marcelo Coyi, Member, COVID-19 Medical Task Force: “I am quite happy. I saw a diagram today that showed that actually we have about 45% of our population has at least a first dose and of that 45 I think 25% are fully vaccinated and when you compare it to the other Caribbean countries actually we rank very high, second was Barbados and way down the line was Jamaica so I think we’re doing well and I think we’re doing well one is that our population is small compared to those other Caribbean countries Jamaica and Trinidad, and two we’ve been very lucky to have a good inventory of vaccines with all the gifts we have had from Mexico, from the UK, through the COVAX and what we purchased through the African Union. I made some calculations that we have enough vaccines for at least 77% of the population of Belize. So yes I think inventory is not a problem and I think the uptake it has been very good since the beginning of September so I think we are going in the right direction.”

We also asked Dr. Coyi about antivaxxers and whether they have influenced on community members.

Reporter: Do you believe that this time around it would have been better if there weren’t anti vaxxers among the community ? 

Dr.Marcelo Coyi, Member, COVID-19 Medical Task Force: “At this point no because the uptake is being very good now. So irrespective of the people who well what you call anti vaxxers and I think that group is not as big as you may think. I think there are more people who are sitting on the fence, they really don’t have any strong ideological reason like what I will call the anti vaxxer that no matter what we do they will not take it. I think it’s a percentage of people who are sitting on the fence waiting to see if there are any side effects or complications before they get convinced and I think they’re gonna see if we get the full picture that as I mentioned in that data that Dr.Adrian Coye mentioned the majority of the deaths happened I think in the people who were not vaccinated. I think that’s the data that you need to look at to get a complete picture. You know the Karl Heusner Hospital is very full to capacity, I think they had thirty one admissions so it’s not a fake problem. But I understand there may be some people sitting on the fence and I have no problem with that because I think when they see the results, when we look at the advantages of being vaccinated I think they will become vaccinated. So and at the moment as I I’m saying the uptake of vaccines has been very very good. I think we are doing very well and as I mentioned in the Caribbean we seem to be number one and so I don’t think we have reached that stage where nobody is taking the vaccine that we need to worry. Right now everybody wants the vaccine.”