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Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball speaks on creating a change via sports in Belize

With a goal towards transforming the socioeconomic status of Belize’s citizenry with the creation of jobs, promoting positivity within the society and eradicating crime and poverty especially for the marginalized of the country, the Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball, held a press conference today, to express their goals and vision for the sport and how they plan to use the love of baseball to address these problems. Carlyon Flores, Founder and President of the organization spoke about the foundation and the plans it has towards the development of a stadium.

Carlyon Flores Founder and President of Organization: “We have been in conversation for like 2 months now. I will read one of the latest conversation we had which brought us to where we are today. It says “ Good afternoon Carlyon and being that it  will be very important for the foundation to identify possible locations for Baseball fields that will include space for the playing fields, proper back stops with high fences, a fenced field with appropriate distances for the out field, dugouts for the players.  Bleachers along with the first base and third base side on the diamond and parking. We had also considered a concession stand where drinks and food can be sold. We want to raise $100,000 Bz to get started. That will pay for perhaps of inquiring the land and begging the field lay out. We have to look at a drainage system because I know it rains a lot in Belize. This will be a starting for us. What we are here for more than anything else is to appeal to Belize public and our appeal  to the Belizean public we have two proposal we can do either or we can do both. The appeal is Belizean population, our nation, our people would make a significant investment in helping us raise this $100,000 Belize. My team and I what we have decided to ask our people is to simply give us, if we could get $100,000 Belizean’s to donate $1 we can raise the $100,000 Belize dollars just to acquire the field. If that does not materialize or manifest itself sooner than later or non at all then we are asking government officials to please step in and somehow grant us the land.”

Anthony Smith, the Vice President of the organization explains how effective sports can be in improving the lives of Belizean’s.

Anthony Smith Vice President: “As many of you might know sports can be used as potent weapon to fight poverty, crime, hatred and every form of division in the country and in the world so we are here to offer each and everyone of you to partake in the revival of this very sport in Belize. Not only will we focus on imparting moral values and as well high class work ethics, we will use it to bring forth opportunities nationally as well as internationally. Our foundation seeks to establish a competitive farm system and progressively produce extraordinarily talented players so that scouts from other countries such as USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Canada can recruit them and help them become professional players as well as provide opportunities for those who qualify.”

The Skills Development Coordinator, Andrew Tramel, who is also a coach, shared his reasoning for coming to Belize and his efforts in assisting with the development of Belizean children in the sport.

Andrew Tramel Skills Development Coordinator, Coach: So when I get to the first meeting and met these guys not that long ago, you know I am pretty new to this crew and I came to training session and I was searching for my own path coming to Belize trying to instill a new vigorous interest in sports as a whole. I have watched some games as the National teams play. I wouldn’t say I would like to be out there on the field but I would say maybe where I can contribute so here I am right. As I went to the first practice there was kind of a potential I saw but I wasn’t pleased right, it wasn’t a potential that you would normally hear but the thing was as much as it might have been sloppy some of these kids were afraid to catch the ball, some of them didn’t even have the mechanics of throwing the ball. I took 15 minutes with them and my guys are right here with me, we were coaching them hard. We have a talented group of people in this country from top to bottom and by what 15 minutes we were already seeing progress and that kind of lit me up inside. I said well guess what we can do with the time and dedication with the whole country invested in us right; that’s what it needs not only in Baseball but across the country as a whole. I speak for all of us really when I say we will do everything we can with the help of God to create extraordinary ball players by showing their weaknesses and we are going to talk about that a little later but we are going to have techniques and all types of technological code advances that we have in front of us to make them better and help us become better coaches at the same time. Like I said you know we are doing this thing to improve society alright, its 2018 okay, there is a lot of excited things that are going to be presented to us and we are not even aware of right now so we want to be able to with my help I am going to be able to be working with our marketing guys and actually creating showcase, mix-tape type compilations of people skills so I can bring them to some of my context back home in the states as far as Universities go, as far as high school coaches g, being able to show, have them coordinate with us to be able to bring the skills that they are looking for now so we could kind of bring this thing, hit the ground running as far as that goes.