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Solid Waste Management Authority burglarized

Early this morning police officers were engaged in a shootout along Krooman Road, adjacent to Faber’s Road. The Belize City police officers were patrolling the area when they encountered a white sport utility vehicle. At the time they were unaware that the men inside the vehicle had just burglarized the Solid Waste Management Authority which is a short distance away from the Fabers Road area. When the officers attempted to intercept the vehicle, the people inside the vehicle fired several shots at them. The commissioner of police says though some of the suspects escaped, they managed to detain the driver of the vehicle.

Chester Williams – Commissioner of Police: “Police Officers were patrolling the Fabers Road area, when they tried to stop a white SUV. The SUV took off and went through the Krooman Road area and came to a stop. When the vehicle came to stop three gunmen alighted the vehicle and opened fired at the police. The police responded but the men managed to escape. The vehicle eventually sped off with the driver alone in it and again the police continued the pursuit. The vehicle was caught on Lacroix Boulevard and inside the vehicle police found the driver Erwin Castillo. Inside the vehicle they found a number of items believed to have been stolen from the area of Waste Control. I must say that at the time when the police spotted the vehicle we had not yet received the complaint of the burglary. It was subsequent to the police pursuit and the apprehension of the vehicle that the report of the burglary came in. The watchman from Waste Control reported that the said vehicle with four occupants went there, they tied him up and they then proceeded to burglarize the building and took a number of items. Again quick police work and good observation on that part of the police officers concerned have yielded the detention of one person and the items stolen recovered along with the vehicle used.”

At the police press conference today, the police said that it was the Belize Waste Control that was burglarized. When we called them they denied the incident occurred. Apparently the burglary happened at the Solid Waste Management Authority which is behind the BWC compound.