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Belize Waste Control takes Belize City Council back to court

Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Belize City Council have had their fair share of headaches with the sanitation companies. Today Mayor Bradly told the media Belize Waste Control is taking the Belize City Council to court once again, this time it has to do with recycling.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

They are suing us again in relation to some of the issues with the interpretation of the contract. We were served with a claim yesterday and they’ve named us and Belize Recycling Company because we have an ongoing problem with them in relation to who can control recycling. This is one of the issues that we were mentioning is a problem with the contract itself, that the issue is you can’t really fretter the ability of the municipality to deal with things that other municipalities do. Recycling is very common thing in many developed and developing countries throughout the world and how those contracts were originally designed I think that they were very destructive to the municipal movement.  I just got this yesterday so that one of the things that we would is that we would meet with our legal counsel including the City Council’s legal advisor Ms. Margaret McKenzie and we would meet with our senior people and we would discuss how is the best strategy to go about this but one of the things I think the sanitation regime in Belize City was ill conceived from the very inception because you were dealing with contracts which these people have exclusivity without an appropriate check on the cost and competition so that the privatization aspect is not a difficulty because privatization is good thing but privatization and exclusivity is very damaging. “