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Belize Water Services Limited Comes Out Against Proposal to Dredge Material Near the Port of Belize

Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) has come out to reject the proposal to dredge and to place 7.5 million cubic meters of dredged material between the location of BWS’s sewer ponds and the Caribbean Sea. In a letter issued this week, BWS noted that based on the EIA report addendum, the near-shore and on-shore locations for placement of dredged material lie directly on top of the natural mangrove wetland used as part of the wastewater treatment process and extend well beyond the present-day Caribbean Sea shoreline. It is a situation that the former Board of Directors for BWSL was able to circumvent for some years. In speaking with the company’s former Chairman, Alberto August, he noted to Love News that is a very concerning situation.

The letter from BWSL goes on to note that While BWS is in general support of economic development, this should not be at the expense or endangerment of the population and the environment. Given the critical importance of BWS’ sewer treatment to Belize City and to the environment, BWS strongly objects to this project, especially given the required dredging and the placement for dredged material. BWS is of the view that this project will be extremely detrimental to environment and to the sewer treatment system, and would ultimately, cost the company and the populace millions of dollars for remedies. We therefore request DOE/NEAC to have further discussions with BWS about this important matter.