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Belize Welcomes Frontier Airlines

On the tourism front: Belize welcomed the arrival of Frontier Airlines to its market over the weekend. A small ceremony to commemorate the courier’s long-anticipated arrival was held at the PGIA. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was there and files the following report.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  The arrival of Frontier Airlines on Saturday afternoon came as a breath of fresh air to Belize’s rebounding tourism sector. And the airline carrier’s first ever non stop flight to Belize came with much fanfare as the passengers were greeted with sounds of beating drums along with a water salute prior to departing the air craft. But this flight was the first of many that will arrive weekly from the US Cities of Denver Colorado and Orlando Florida. It’s an achievement that Chairman of the Aviation Development Committee Anthony Hunt says was months in the making.

Anthony Hunt, Chairman, Aviation Development Committee: “When we first met the team from Frontier in Denver in a building adjacent to a really beautiful sunflower field we imagined this day but we also knew it would take a lot to prove our case why Frontier should come to Belize. Here we are today with not one tail outside but another on it’s way. This is happening Belize Belize and the unique way we do things in Belize airline government, airport associations like the BHA, BTIA, private sector unite and work hard to make it a reality. A true partnership, a partnership that I can assure everyone here in this is the envy of every single country our region.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Frontier’s international and domestic sales manager Alfredo Gonzalez says the company’s low fares and commitment to a greener alternative in travel falls directly inline with Belize’s conservation values.

Alfredo Gonzalez, International and Domestic Sale Manager: “There is no doubt that the last two years were challenging. It was difficult for everyone, families were kept apart, friends hurting in your industry and our economy but no more. Frontier Airlines entered the market here with I repeat low fares done right so that people that want to fly, need to fly, can afford to fly. And as we said before our commitment goes beyond low fares. Our commitment is also to protect the environment. Mrs.Garcia mentioned that we have some of the most newest technology applied on our engines Pratt and Whitney engines. The aircraft design on the A320 and A321 Airbuses allows us to save about 43% of the fuel so you can imagine what 43% less fuels does a) to the environment and b) to the amount of fuel that we have to purchase.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  A plaque of appreciation was handed over to the company by Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations Anthony Mahler who says that Frontier’s arrival speaks to his ministry’s push to expand Belize’s international profile as a tourist destination. One which provides fantastic visitor experience.

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations: “Over the last twenty months or so  the travel and tourism industry across the world has been faced with many many difficulties. In Belize we have been faced with many difficulties as well but we have a resilient private sector, we have a resilient industry and we in government will do everything possible to ensure that we have many more days like today and that is our goal going into 2022, to expand air route, to continue the partnership with Frontier to ensure that the two new flights into Belize are successful and we will work diligently, we will work frantically to ensure that we are successful here in Belize.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Minister Mahler noted that the Belize Tourism Board held similar events to welcome US passengers aboard both flights that arrived in the country on Saturday.