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Belize will not take IMF recommendations

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is expected to present the 2017/2018 budget in the next few weeks. Yesterday, the President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nikita Usher said the Chamber had done a comprehensive review of areas that could be improved.  He said it is their belief that there will be limited increase in taxes. Today Panton was asked whether Government would adhere to recommendations from the International Monetary Fund.

Tracy Teagar Panton – Minister of State, Ministry of Economic Development

“I certainly don’t think that any time in the near future we will be following any prescription of the IMF. I know that we are looking at how we curtail and streamline expenses for the government, that is important. We can’t go to bond holders if it’s business as usual we have to be sure that we are streamlining our own activities and I think there will be a greater effort by government departments and ministries and all involved to streamline expenses so that we can use the money in areas like intervention and mediation, job creation and that kind of thing.”