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Belize will soon get a DNA lab

At the top of our newscast we told you of the registry of sex offenders that was promised six years and still has not had a promising lift off.  In that very same interview done in October 2012, there was talk of a DNA lab.  Retired Colonel George Lovell noted, quote, “”The second of that is DNA and it is my hope with the work that we are currently doing that we will see this particular discipline up and running in a very short time. We currently have discussions with our friends from the United States Government where we have an agreement for them to have assigned to us and our national forensic science services a DNA expert.”  Again …. Six years later and we are still at the drawing board.  Today, in an interview at the Radisson, the retired colonel told the media that the Ministry of National Security is closer to establish a DNA lab than before.

RETD Colonel George Lovell: “The DNA labs is one of those things that we are certainly looking forward to happen in a very short time. These things take some time because a lab will not just because we have the money tomorrow show up. We have to ensure that we have proper drawings, there is old procurement procedures that we have to go through and then the construction itself will take some time but yes it is still there we are still working on that. Just last week I have had the privilege of having a detailed discussion with the new Executive Director of the National Forensic Science Service and this came after we have had an assessment done by a team known as ICITOP: Its and assessment group that does assessment of Forensic Laboratory because we were looking at seeing how we can have our laboratory facility to a certain level where we are accredited. We need to look at our whole aspect of Post Mortems that we do and the fact that the limited amount of pathologist that we have that conducts those Post Mortems create some challenges that we might need to want to have not just Dr. Estrada and Dr. Ken and Dr. Blanco but try to have three of four more of these specialist employed in a very short time frame. We are looking at a quality assurance person to be there. We are looking at having a larger category of scenes of crime techinitions.”

Lovell says the land has been earmarked for the facility and the Government of Belize has received the first set of monies under the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, CABEI loan agreement.