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Belize Workers Union Stand in Solidarity with Sister Unions

The Belize Workers Union has expressed solidarity with the public officers and teachers. The BWU which is headquartered in Orange Walk, issued a release earlier today. The release noted, in part, quote, “The Belize Workers Union (BWU) views with significant concern, the recent uproar that the government choices are causing among the teachers and public officers. These concerns are causing, for the teacher to fight and strike back for what they have work so hard throughout their life’s. They say the life of a teacher is simple but in truth is far being simple. Teachers are the foundation of every student career life and sometimes even more in their personal life. They inspire, encourage and motivate students; “our children” to strive in most difficult circumstances that life has to offer. We all are someone in society because a teacher taught us, inspire or even motivated us to be someone. So, the question is “Are we going to allow for the government to just take what they have work so hard?” Well let me tell you the answer to that “NO”. It is unfair and unjust to allow such corruption to be robbing our teacher of their hard earnings.”