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Belizean American Shares COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

The Covid-19 vaccines earmarked for Belize are expected to arrive in early April.

The Covid-19 vaccines earmarked for Belize are expected to arrive in early April.  That is according to the Acting Director of Health Services, Dr Melissa Diaz-Musa.  While many are awaiting the arrival of what is hoped to restore some normalcy, Belizeans are watching as those in the United States and other parts of the world receive the vaccine.  One Belizean/American, who got her second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on Monday, is former media personality Anne Wade.  Wade, who has been living in Florida for the past nine years, told our newsroom that many others she did educate herself on the vaccine prior to getting it administered.

Anne Wade, Belizean Living in Florida

Anne Wade, Belizean Living in Florida:I’ve been living in this like everybody else for nine months and as the time went by anxiety just increased and I needed to know as much as possible I think that’s the first thing. I had to find out as much information to make me make a good determined decision when the time came and to be very honest really quickly once we realized that vaccines were possible I was confident. I am a firm believer in the science. I listen to the scientists. I don’t listen to all the other noise in the market and all of the conspiracy theories etc. So that’s what I did, I equipped myself with as much information as I possibly could. After reading everything and how the vaccine trials were going I kind of wanted to be lucky enough to get the Moderna Vaccine and lucky enough that’s what was available when it was my turn to get a vaccine. I got there on time and everything and it was well organized, it didn’t take longer than – the administration person they called it a “pod”- it didn’t take me longer than forty five minutes being in there from the time I entered the door until when I exited because pretty much what they did was they did the paperwork which took a few minutes then administered the vaccine which is pretty much nothing, a little prick , hardly felt it and then they had me sit for thirty minutes to ensure that I didn’t have any adverse reactions. One of the things, one of the dynamics with me was that I am allergic to shellfish so I had to let them know that and well they knew that ahead of time and my doctor gave me the go ahead and all of that. So they observed me as well as they observed everybody else who got a vaccine that day for an amount of time and when there was no reaction I could drive home which I did.”

Wade went on to explain the effects she is currently experiencing following the second shot of the Moderna vaccine.

Anne Wade, Belizean Living in Florida: “There was no reaction after the first, absolutely none except maybe a little soreness on the arm that I got the vaccine on and that was it for the next twenty five or twenty eight days or so and then the second one was on Monday. So I’m at home today after taking the second one on Monday and I’m at home today because I couldn’t sleep well last night, almost from yesterday afternoon I started feeling a little bit of fatigue so the second one has produced the reaction that is felt by a lot of other people who get the vaccine and we’re told and what I’ve read is that it’s your body indicating the immune system building up and reacting to the second dose to give you the full immunity that you need. How it started with me was a little bit of fatigue in the afternoon at work yesterday, came home, went to sleep, woke up in the middle of the night because by that time I was feeling some general body aches and a headache and Tylenol got rid of it though, one five hundred milligram Tylenol got rid of that. The fatigue is the thing that I experienced and felt I needed to be home for because it did since morning and I’m slowly coming out of it because now I’m talking to you and I don’t feel that level of fatigue that I was feeling through the night and this morning. So that’s pretty much what it is and friends of mine, a doctor friend of mine texted me this morning and said “Not to worry, you ‘ll be over this in twelve to twenty four hours.”

Wade is a former news anchor, and mother to former Miss Belize/Universe Leila Pandy.