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Belizean and Guatemalan officials working to break “car jacking” ring

Guatemalans Ervin Rene Huex Xiquen and Marlon Benedicto Portillo were involved in a shootout with San Ignacio police on Sunday. Xiquen was fatally shot while Portillo remains hospitalized under police guard. The men had a run in with police after they were caught getting away in a vehicle they stole from Erwin Jimenez. Jimenez was driving on Calla Creek Road when he came across boulders placed across the road. When he got out of the vehicle to remove the boulders, two armed Guatemalan men proceeded to rob him. This evening the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie confirmed that there is a ring of ‘car-jackers’ operating in western Belize.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police
“We’ve always shared information through our special branch contact with our counterparts over there. Additionally there is normally a monthly meeting held between the commander from the Belize side and the commander from Melchor De Mencos where they share these kinds of information. Indeed we have had a number of vehicles stolen over the years and so there is a well-organized ring operating. We have been able to recover several vehicles from over Guatemala with the assistance of our counterparts and in this case over this weekend the quick response of the police led to the recovery of that vehicle and the unfortunate incident of the shooting resulting in the death of one of the robbers.