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Belizean Artist Alex Sanker Celebrates Two Decades of Painting

In August 2020, well-known Belizean Artist Alex Sanker was in the newscast as a hero after he intervened in a robbery in progress. 

In August 2020, well-known Belizean Artist Alex Sanker was in the newscast as a hero after he intervened in a robbery in progress.  Today the painter is being highlighted for completing two decades in artistry.  Sanker says he was supposed to celebrate with a grand set up on Albert Street but the rain was a setback for him. Love News met up with Sanker at his studio in Belize City to get a glimpse of his celebration, and portfolio.

Alex Sanker, Artist:Today I’m celebrating the 20th anniversary of being an artist, that’s two decades, that’s older than most teenagers in this country but the bottom line I’m trying to say that it’s a milestone, I came a long way and the reason why I’m celebrating this is because the type of artist that I am. I love this country too much to see what is going on through it. So my thing is the milestone means that it might be twenty years but by the will of God I will have a hundred more- that’s not possible but I’m trying to make a statement. This can’t stop because at the end of the day celebrating something that you truly believe in is worth living for.” 

Although the artist was filled with immense joy for achieving such longevity in the world of art, he also echoed that he has been met with many bumps in the road. One of those bumps is a lawsuit that has been filed against him due to a recent painted in which he depicted a current member of the government.

Alex Sanker, Artist: “I will not call any names because this so called lawsuit against me because of one of my paintings which is, we’ll get a chance to look at it, but the bottom line is there is an individual in this country right now high up in office suing me because of my outspoken way when it comes to my art and I did verbally say some stuff but which is true but this is what I don’t get; at the end of the day people they have to understand I am an artist. I am an artist, this is what artists do but because we are so politically divided- but I’m telling Belize this today, it’s not a threat it’s just a warning, leave me let me do my job as an artist. This country needs me. I’m the only one in this country that’s calling these stuff out but through the most effective way and that’s the reason they try to shut me up but it’s not going to happen, it’s not going to happen. Even if this case ends up in court and I lose through the court you will not gain nothing because Alex Sanker will still be artist for life and calling out all these social and injustices that are going on in our country. I do not do color we all know we are politically divided but I try to stay right in the middle. Leave me alone let me do my job. Nobody in this country wants me to lean on one side I’m telling you because I have some concepts in my head that I really don’t want to call out any individual. If they’re doing wrong in this country they need to be held accountable of what they’re doing and I have the courage and even the experience of doing it and I need people to understand I am not going to stand and let them pull the rug from underneath my foot. I have to make sure I stand firm and whatever is coming my way if I think it’s worth fighting for which I strongly believe I will fight for it until kingdom come. So my thing is that at the end of the day not because you have power or you hold certain office in this country you’re going to try use that against me, it’s not going to work. Like I said let me make this clear even if they win in the court through a lawsuit because of my work I have already won because I am doing what I love.”

The artist also told Love News that he will be celebrating his fiftieth birthday on Sunday and is grateful for the support he has always received from the Belizean people.