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Belizean Basket Ball team members injured in bus collision in Mexico

Members of the Belmopan Trojans basketball team were in an accident when the ADO bus they were on board collided into a parked truck in Mexico. The ADO bus had left Cancun this morning and was destined to Veracruz. The incident is reported to have happened in the area of the highway along Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Chetumal, near the junction to the Miguel Hidalgo Community, Mexico. The bus collided into a green Ford cargo truck that was transporting wood. Reports are that the truck was parked at the side of the highway due to mechanical problems. According to Mexican media, one of the forty passengers on board the ADO bus was flung-out on impact and died instantly. Reports add that the drivers of both the parked truck and the ADO bus fled the scene.  A few members of the Belmopan Trojans basketball team sustained minor bruises. They were taken to a hospital in Chetumal for treatment. The Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones told the media that the team should be safely across the border tonight.

Director of National Sports Council Ian Jones: I was informed that the Trojan’s was on a public transition in Chetumal, I think it was ADO bus and I think around 2 am this morning the bus attempted to overtake another vehicle and collided head on with another vehicle in traffic and two of the athletes got minor injuries and were taken to the hospital but nothing major to any of the athletes and I believe that if they are not in Belize back already, they are on their way back to Belize.

Reporter: They were in Cancun?

Director of National Sports Council Ian Jones: They were in Cancun for COPAC Cancun I believe the tournament that they were going to play. We have often times, we have several teams that would travel to Cancun and different parts of Mexico to play in these tournaments and I think this was just one of those instances.

The team had left Belize last Tuesday to play in the Copa Cancun International Basketball Tournament and was returning home this morning when the crash occurred.