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Belizean basketballers face off against international college team

Some Belizeans basketballers will have the opportunity to compete against a US college team, coached by Kevin Seroki. Love News was at the airport when the international team arrived yesterday. Coach Rosco Reese, who helped organized the match, told us that the opportunity gives our local players a chance to see if they can meet the challenge of playing against a college team.

Rosco Reese – Coach: “Basically, I helped to organize an international friendly match between the elite Belize Team players that were selected from the NEBL to play against a Division Three College coached by Kevin Seroki. Kevin Seroki is no stranger to Belize, he used to coach at UB, he coached for our national team, he played semi-pro basketball in Belize for many years and now he is coaching in the states so he brought his whole team to Belize for a vacation but before they start off the vacation they are going to play an international friendly game. It gives our local NEBL players a challenge to play against a disciplined college team. Two, younger players who want to play basketball, they get a chance to see a college team. They are bringing their full team, coaching staff, all their players so you get to see how a college team plays live. We have a celebrity entertainers game made up of radio personels, DJ’s, people who are in the limelight, celebrities in Belize so that game is going to be played first. You have DJ Bobo vs. Alvin Supal’s team, you have players like Bria Clark and Darwin “Puppy” Leslie, Mr. Arana from Love FM who is on the radio, several DJ’s: Jago, so it is going to be a nice event.”

The game is being held at the Civic Center at 7 p.m. tonight.  General admission is ten dollars and courtside is twenty dollars.//////