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Belizean buses back on the road in Chetumal

Mexican authorities have reportedly retracted most of their demands from Belizean bus operators and today most bus lines have begun to head into Chetumal Mexico and are parking at the old ADO bus terminal located off the Insurgentes Avenue in the City. Late Friday evening an announcement, endorsed by most bus lines that have runs to Chetumal Mexico, was circulated on Facebook informing the public that they would no longer be entering the Mexican City following a meeting with representatives of the Othon P Blanco City Council, the state and federal police, and transport department there. The bus operators were being asked to relocate to the old ADO bus terminal and were being asked to meet several requirements. This morning one of the bus owners who preferred to comment off camera updated us.

Bus owner
“They were asking us for insurance for the bus, they wanted us to have insurance for the buses coming to Chetumal and they also wanted the drivers to have federal license for driving in Mexico. They were also speaking about paying 100 pesos each day for the parking but now that we came over they are saying that the only thing that is changing is that we are coming over here to park and we are going to pay a fee of 100 pesos per week per bus. We are going to use the Insurgentes to come into Mexico and only on the Insurgentes. if they find us anywhere apart from the Insurgentes, they will give us a ticket. Right here we don’t have to worry about the traffic, the police them we have bathroom facilities and water and everything it’s even better over here.”

According to the Bus owner, the decision taken on Saturday by bus operators was the reason the Mexican authorities retracted their demands. We are told that under the new circumstances all bus operators will be resuming their regular runs to Chetumal City and will be parking at the Old ADO terminal. From there Belizean visitors will need to take a Taxi into the city and back to the terminal.

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