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Belizean caught with half a million US dollars in El Salvador

A Belizean was caught with almost half a million US dollars in El Salvador. Oscar Lesby Itza was caught with Panamanian Adán Enrique Gutiérrez Morales at an international airport in that country. Reports from El Salvador are that the men were transporting about five hundred thousand US dollars in cash inside a suitcase. The men are expected to be charged for the crime of money laundering. The men were caught after police at the airport observed the men were acting suspiciously. When their luggage was searched, officers found four hundred and ninety nine thousand, four hundred and sixty US dollars in twenty and fifty dollar bills. Online reports say that the men told officers that the money was earmarked to make a payment at one of the banks in El Salvador. But officers did not buy that story since one of the men is a member of the Mara 18 gang. Authorities in El Salvador have not been able to confirm the origin of the money despite the men claiming that it belongs to a company operating in Belize.