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Belizean charged with murder in the US

Police in the US State of Arizona believe that 21 year old Hezron Parks fatally shot 34-year-old Iraq veteran Kyle Brayer on February 3. US media say that Parks is from Belize specifically from Independence Village in the Stann Creek District. According to reports, Brayer was shot to the head. Media reports state that Brayer was riding in a golf cart taxi cab with friends at around 2:30 on Saturday morning when he was involved in an altercation with Parks in Scottsdale, Arizona. Parks admitted shooting the Iraq war veteran after being thrown out of the club. Parks told police he didn’t realize there was a bullet in the chamber when he fired the gun. Parks then fled the scene in his vehicle and admitted to striking several other vehicles in the process. He turned himself in ten hours later following media reports that police were hunting for him. Parks was offered bond at three hundred thousand dollars due to the nature of the allegations and his ties to Belize. He is to reappear in court on February 12.