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Belizean Comedian Acts in Newly Released Netflix Flim

Social media has been buzzing with reviews about the newly released Netflix film “Selva Tragica” (selba trahica), which stars several Belizean actors. One of those actors is Oladipupo (oh-la-di-poo-poh) Ogunjobi (oh-goon-joe-bee) better known as Dipo, a naturalized Belizean that is no stranger to the camera. The twenty-four-year Nigerian-born actor played the role of a slave in the Mexican movie that was filmed two years ago but released this week. It’s a huge accomplishment for all of the Belizean actors and Ogunjobi, who played the role of a Belizean chiclero, says it is a dream to be on the big screen now coming to life.

Dipo has been living in Belize for the past seven years and says his advice to young Belizeans who may want to be actors is “Just do it”.

Oladipupo Ogunjobi, Entertainer: “My advice is just do it. Even though there is nothing around you just do it. I started filming my skits with an Iphone 4s, now I’ve been filming with a Redd camera so you just have to keep going. It might take long, it might take years you just have to keep going. People might try to stop you, just do what you have to do, follow your mind. Just do it. Personally I am not where I want to be yet this is just one step closer which I will just keep working harder to get there. I want to advise every other person that wants to get into acting or that wants to get into movie producing there are opportunities in Belize we just have to find them and we have to make use of them but with time every thing will be okay you just have to keep working and be focused and stay on one path, that’s the best thing.  Don’t try to drift around just stay on one path and focus that’s the main thing.” 

He is also working on a series of short films entitled “Time get Real” , which focuses on several social issues affecting the nation.