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Belizean Diaspora join Belizean activists in “No to ICJ” campaign

At the press conference this morning, the groups led by BUFERHD, The Peace Movement and the Belize Territorial Volunteers officially announced their decision to lead the campaign against taking the Belize Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice. President of BUFERHD, Derek Aikman made the announcement.

President of BUFERHD, Derek Aikman: We have agreed that if the Belizean people are prepared to stand with us we are prepared to lead the official no to the ICJ campaign in Belize .We are going to go neck to neck, village to village, constituency by constituency so that they are pouring the yes dose down your throat we can equally poor the no does down your throat so you have viable choice to make and that this is not a one side campaign to blindly lead us to the gambling of the ICJ through the campaign we will present to you documented historical evidence and facts.