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Belizean Educator wins 2020 Nevada Teacher of the Year

Belizean immigrant, Gail Hudson won the 2020 Nevada Teacher of the Year award on August 26, 2019. Hudson is a fifth-grade teacher at Hummel Elementary and is an educator who migrated to USA from Belize when it was called British Honduras. On Monday, Hudson celebrated her accomplishment with family, colleagues, city and state leaders here’s her speech during the ceremony courtesy of 8 News Now Las Vegas.
Gail Hudson, 2020 Nevada Teacher of the Year: “This is a privilege that I’m standing here today. I immigrated to the United States from British Honduras about forty-five years ago and I too was on a journey to try to find myself and trying to find a better education and that one teacher that made a difference in my life, Mr.Bush, and that is why I stand here today. And it is my vow to work with every student that I have encountered over the last 32 years to give them the best education that they deserve and just this morning we were talking about immigration, this is only half my class and they know that I am here for them every single day. I wake up to come down and I want them to wake up and come to me.”
Hudson noted that she will always work with all children equally no matter where they come from.