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Belizean Listed in Top 20 Professionals for Mid-Atlantic

Engineering News-Record (ENR) is a US publication that provides the latest news in the areas of engineering and construction as well as analysis, commentary and data for the construction industry.  They also report on top design firms, architects and engineers and top construction companies.  In its latest edition, there is the list of the top twenty professionals in the mid-Atlantic and among that top twenty is Belizean, Gregory Moguel Junior.  Love News spoke with Moguel’s father, Gregory Senior on his son’s accomplishments.


“I feel proud one of my coworkers came to work one morning and he said I noticed a special recognition given to my son. He is an engineer in Virginia and I saw it and then I went online and called him immediately and he said he wanted it to be surprise. It’s a great thing for me as a family; for me and my wife and the entire family from both sides and also it’s a great thing for our country to have exposure that we have talented people in our country that can excel to that main level. The award is an award that has been given in the region, in the Atlantic region, and what happened is that there are people from different regions, he was selected from the county that he works with and so he was the only one and from that region where he comes from which consists of Maryland, Delaware, Washington and all that area. You had to do community work, he does a lot of that, he gives toys and so forth every year to the needy kids in the US, he also does cleanup programs, he’s responsible for a lot of the infrastructure; he’s not only the engineer of buildings but he is a well-rounded engineer and he is trying to excel that he covers all these different types of engineering.”


“How long ago was it that he left Belize to pursue this career?”


“He left Belize, he went to New Mexico in 2004 and up to 2005 he was going over there then he moved from New Mexico over to Jacksonville from 2005 to 2007 when he graduated. Me, my wife, my sister and my kids went for the graduation and I can recall the Saturday of the graduation he got a call that same day telling him that he had a job on the Monday which was great. There are lot of people that go to the states who are engineers and it takes them a while some of them are over there for a year and change trying to get into it and he was accepted just two days. He is excited, basically he wanted me to give an outreach to young Belizean people within the engineering project or in whatever field that they want to achieve in and you have to just keep working and work hard and work for excellence and try to be the greatest especially when you know you come from a little country like Belize which is country like Belize which is a little country and when you go over there and you’re a name sake it’s great to hear that we have Belizeans out there not just in the US working but they have excelled and keep on excelling. He managed over $5.5 million USD projects and all that kind of money has been put into his hands and so far that is great.”

This year, the judges selected 22 leaders who have more than made their marks on the industry and their communities. This year’s honorees displayed outstanding leadership on projects of all types and sizes, across all sectors, including transportation, green building and traffic engineering. The winners also spent a considerable amount of time volunteering on industry boards and showed commitment to their communities. Moguel worked his way out of Belize by winning a scholarship to the University of North Florida, where he earned a civil engineering degree in 2007. After working as a Gannett Fleming design engineer for almost nine years, Moguel became a project manager two years ago, serving as the resident engineer on a five point five million dollar project. Moguel is also helping Gannett Fleming expand into Belize.