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Belizean Living in the US Diagnosed with Monkeypox

Currently, there are no cases of Monkeypox in the country but there is a Belizean who has caught the virus. Originally from Corozal, Osmar Verde is currently living in the US and contracted monkeypox. Verde says he contracted the illness about a week ago while he was at work. At the moment, he is in recovery mode. Verde shared his experience.

Osmar Verde, Diagnosed with Monkeypox: “I was just, like, sceptical about it because I did not believe it. Like you know, I was keeping a blind eye to it. I thought, like most people, that this is something fake and not real. So I was like, “I noh have none of this” but when I got the results I was like damn. It is the real thing here.”

Reporter: How was the experience then? Is it bad? Is it worse than people think it is? 

Osmar Verde, Diagnosed with Monkeypox: “It all depends on what perspective and I would say how strong your immune system. I actually have a strong immune system so I guess that’s why I did not get it as bad as other people and the experience itself has been quite a hard one because I’m not used to being locked up at home. I’m used to working but I had to be locked up at home for like a whole week. Like locked up, literally isolated at home. Nobody could come to my room because the disease is really contagious.”

Reporter: And how are you doing in terms of recovery? What are you doing with the lesions? 

Osmar Verde, Diagnosed with Monkeypox: “The lesions, thank God, it has already healed. Thank God. Thank the Lord and the chalamine that I use to put and I also use to do a lot of other creams and it has healed. I can, I don’t know if you see it. It has dried up already. *Unclear.* It has healed. Thank God. I did not get some horrible scars like other people so I’m grateful for that as well. I am grateful to God.”