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Belizean musicians throw support behind former BSCAP CEO

Tanya Carter, one of Belize’s top artists is currently a member of BSCAP but today she told the press that she will remove herself from the organization after what has come to light.

Tanya Carter – Musician:

“To be honest with you about maybe five or six years ago we received a cheque for $20 and I didn’t cash it because I thought it was pittance and I left it right there and since then with that CEO and the team that they had there was no work being done and BSCAP was not cool if I could say that and I was resigning in May. I was leaving and I sent a letter and I had a conversation and meeting with Shyne telling him that I was leaving and I stayed because he convinced me and we are all in it together because of what Shyne is doing and then now I am hearing that I will get $12 you have got to be kidding me the amount of work that we put in. We aren’t just popular for spite, we are working we are putting the work and by us putting ourselves with BSCAP that was a big deal for us and this is a slap in the face. So point blank if they don’t give me any answers I am leaving.”


Today Shyne Barrow was also joined by other local artists like TY, TR Shine and Cocono Bwai. While they are not members of BSCAP, they expressed disappointment in the organization.



TY – Musician

“This is how artists get paid. Popcaan, Drake, big artists get paid, to see something like this happen in Belize and it’s not taking off like what those people are doing I am not supporting it.”


TR Shine – Musician

“Shyne actually asked me a couple months ago to be an ambassador member of BSCAP I was with it but then now with all these discrepancies coming up I can say that safely I am not going to be a part of it any time soon, not until they straighten up what needs to be straightened up.”

Cocono Bwai – Musician

“Knowing that Tanya Carter has been in the business for so long and is putting in mad investment, putting investment in videos, and touring and pushing herself and marketing herself to get $12 that is small change that is disrespecting the artist. So what are we working for? It’s not about now or back then but it’s for the future because more artists can come from Belize and if we don’t structure ourselves right to get paid I don’t think anyone will want to be an artist.”