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The Belizean Traveler Campaign

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched the Belizean Traveler Campaign at the beginning of August with over $25,000 in prizes and dream vacation packages. Because the purpose is to encourage Belizeans to tour the country, the BTB partnered with the Belize Hotel Association and its members to offer discounts for the duration of the campaign. Jocelle Stephen, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the BTB, says the campaign will close tomorrow with more giveaways.

Jocelle Stephen – Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the BTB: “Our country is divided into six to seven regions so we thought of promoting these regions and then we thought of giving the Belizean’s an opportunity to win a vacation. A dream vacation that they themselves will plan with our guidance and it’s worth $4000 but it won’t be one person walking away with this prize. At the end of this which ends tomorrow there will be 6 people selected to win a prize and to win for our region; so for example you Jose can win a North island vacation if your name is pulled if you are in the raffel and then somebody else can win a vacation maybe to the Southern district and enjoy Toledo but it’s important for us to market Tourism locally and not just international. The Belize Hotel Association; they have done a great part in talking to their members and they were offering us discounts so in addition to them offering us these six prizes which was a total package worth of $25,000 there are hotels throughout the country that are offering discounts as low as $69 a night for example at different locations and all of these can be found at our facebook page the Belizean Traveller where people can go and see exactly where within Belize within each region they can actually go to a hotel and stay and be a Belizean Traveller so tomorrow at 4pm we will be officially closing this campaign. It has been quite a run; we are excited to see it come to its culmination and tomorrow we will be pulling those six persons. The six grand prize winners and how did we get them into the raffel actually on the Love TV we have a show every Wednesday in August called the Belizean Traveller. Very engaging, very entertaining and we actually had information shared, we had video shared and then we open it up for calls where people can answer questions and once that question was answered correctly they were entered into the raffel and in addition to that we went on the Morning express DJ show with DJ Special and they also had the opportunity there to enter into the basket by answering questions.”

The event takes place tomorrow at the BTL Park in Belize City.