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Belizean woman says they were attacked in Melchor de Mencos

On Sunday, Diana Trapp and a group of Belizeans had their regular excursion across the border to Melchor de Mencos. However, this trip was not like the previous ones.  Trapp told Love News at the end of their trip before heading back to the border, they got into an altercation.

Diana Trapp

I took an excursion to Melchor with about thirty people. Half of them were mostly my family members. I told my sister to come with me in the market to see if we find the uniforms for his son and then another young lady from the crowd said “man noh mek we go through deh, mek wi go through the other side.” We didn’t pay it any attention what the young lady was saying and we just went into the market. When we got in the market there were about ten to fifteen Guatemalans sitting down drinking beer. All I heard was my boyfriend say to the man “Why did you touch my niece?” and then that is when the argument occurred between the Guatemalans and us and we didn’t think they knew how to talk English so then afterwards the man started to point in one of the young ladie’s faces telling her to leave and that they hate us. I told the guy “You don’t have to reach that way.” We started to walk off. I told my boyfriend and the crowd to just leave it alone and then five feet away from the Guatemalans they started to throw pint bottles. When I got around the lane one of the other young ladies told me that I got cut, when I looked down I got a big chop on my foot from one of the pint bottles.”

Trapp said that when they arrived at the Belize border they informed the police officers of what transpired.

Diana Trapp

“When we got to the immigration my boyfriend went up to two police men dressed in black, another one that had on the brown and blue uniform which was the one in charge, an immigration man and another lady came out and they started taking statements and then they asked me what happened and I started to tell them. The immigration officer asked me for my passport and everyone’s passport and then one of the workers rushed me to the Benque Hospital and I had to get three stitches. When I asked them what they could do for us they told us plainly that they couldn’t do anything and I’m not mad at them because it comes from our government.”

Trapp also told Love news that this is the first time she has ever encountered something like this. Two other persons got injured during the altercation.