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Belizean Women to Attend Global Summit in US

An additional incentive of the WINC program, participants were required to apply for the Barack Obama Global Entrepreneurship Summit.  Two of those women were selected to represent Belize at the summit. Danalyn Myvette, Belize Facilitator of WINC Acceleration Program spoke about the summit the ladies will attend.


“The ladies were required to apply to the Barack Obama Global Entrepreneurship program as a real tangible way for them to appreciate what it takes to go abroad and how one goes about finding new resource avenues and building networking beyond just the avenue of Belize. Fortunately for us we had two of our women selected and have invited to attend that session which is going to take place in Silicon Valley in California in June.”

Myvette said the two representatives will benefit greatly from attending the summit.


“A great part of the summit goal is to bring like minded persons from all over the globe to gather, where they get to network, they get to hear from experts in their field, they get to connect with people who would be able to assist them through support services or through just the network and avenues and access to leverage their business so a big part of it is the whole angle of networking and coming into a community where you can source support and connection and move away with and use.”

Preparing to attend the summit is Megan Ryan, owner of Megan Ryan Dental Clinic. Ryan has a small staff in San Ignacio, Cayo at her clinic. Shen hopes to expand her staff at the end of the program.


“My dental clinic I started in 2010 and I offered general dentistry, I see kids all the way up to adults and older patients. The business got started I just moved back home and it was practically word of mouth, I put up a few flyers and from there as we opened the doors we started to get business and we’ve been busy ever since. I hope to meet other people and get new ideas on how to expand and grow the business.”

The second entrepreneur that was selected to attend the summit is Shaun Avilez, who is a beautician and owner of Shawn’s Salon and House of Beauty. Avilez uses human hair to make wigs in Belize. Avilez buys raw and unprocessed hair and creates wigs and hair pieces. She told us about her business and  her goals for the summit.


“We make wigs, hairpieces, weaves, we also buy hair and make raw hair. We do the eyebrow filling, we do hairloss, we do clipons, I make and all of this is what we make from raw hair. So you cut your hair, your bring it, we buy it, we process the hair and we ship the hair out. We also cater for our locals as well. I want to open a factory that we could employ our Belizeans because this is a billion dollar industry so we want to employ people, cater for our Belizeans but I am open to doing business with everybody because for the hair we are diverse so we buy hair from the Kekchi Mayan, and I get hair from a Hispanic or a Spanish then we name it from that person so we are bringing a twist to it and we are making things different. I’m excited, I have only two days to get in the minds and hearts of these people and that is what I’m going to do, represent Belize well and I’m going to be aggressive, have a happy smile on my face so everybody can come and say they will take to Ms.Belize because she has a smile on her face.”

The women will attend the summit in June.