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Belizean Youths to Go on Summer Field Trips to Learn about the Country’s Tourism Industry

Belizean youth from vulnerable areas of the city will spend their summer immersed in Belize’s tourism product.  The Belize Tourism Board signed an agreement with Summer Program Coordinator, Glenford “Timmy” Stamp and the Belize Audubon Society to provide youths with summer field trips to various tourist destinations.  Stamp says this is geared at allowing the participants to understand and appreciate the importance of tourism in Belize. He added that this initiative aims to curb crime and reduce teen mortality. 

Glenford “Timmy” Stamp, Coordinator, After School Program: “Try to get these kids off of the street, try to get them to stay positive in a younger generation of tomorrow if we say we love our country then we have to try to think about our younger generation they are the future of tomorrow. Our thing is to try to see how we can save them at least an evening school, summer trips and different things like that to get the kids. You have other kids that make it out and have their heads held up but you have the ones that don’t make it out, that have no programs backing them up. Like I said we need the programs to be consistent. We don’t want just a one summer thing and it quits because we lose our kids hand over fist that way.” 

Director of the BTB, Evan Tillett, says that this summer program is a beneficial way for youths to get an early start on learning about Belize’s tourism industry.