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Belizean/American Footballer Stars in the US

Belizean American footballer, Michael Salazar is making a name for himself on the football stage in the US. If he seems familiar to you it’s because he once played for the Jaguars a few years ago.  Salazar is currently playing for the UC Riverside team and is expected to be selected in the Major League Soccer Draft. According to US online sports article, Salazar is projected as a first-round pick in today’s super draft after participating in the player combine in Fort Lauderdale, this past week. A senior from the University of California Riverside, Salazar is described as an unknown; however sports critics believe that he shouldn’t be.  Salazar has been capped four times by the Belize’s National Team and scored six goals in each of his two seasons as a Highlander. He’s just an all around good soccer player and can find a role on any team. He is set to be drafted fifth.