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Belizean/British Athlete Represents Belize Abroad

British/Belizean Athlete, Katy Sealy, is in Belize but not for long because she will leave the country shortly on her way to Costa Rica for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships. Sealy will represent Belize in two sports, 100 meter hurdles and the long jump. Sealy says she hopes to represent Belize well.


“I’ve been in Belize for the last week so my preparations have been a little bit different to normal. I’ve been doing some runs on the beach in Placencia, I’m going to head up to the Marion Jones stadium tonight and do a session at the track there but it’s all about sticking over because we are in the middle of the season you don’t need to train to hard at the moment. I did all my hard work through the winter so it’s all about maintaining and competing now. Well because I have been competing for nearly ten years now, a lot of it I am used to and I enjoy it. I think about it a lot in my mind, I go through the event in my mind trying to be positive and imagine a positive outcome rather than a negative one. With the heptathlon I just break down each one, work through what I would do normally and it’s going to be quite different this weekend because I only have to focus on two events. I’m hoping that might mean I get to bring out some good performances because I don’t have to focus on so much but we’ll see.”

Sealy’s father is Belizean and she was born in Dangriga. This is not the first time she has been representing Belize in both regional and international sporting event.