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Belizeans Against Courtenay (BAC) Explain Senate Disruptions

Eamon Courtenay is the lead Senator for the People’s United Party who is being targeted by a group of persons who are forming the group, Belize against Courtenay (BAC).  Leading the movement is Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August. August told Love News in this venture he is acting as a private citizen. August and a group of other well-known UDP supporters disrupted the Senate Inquiry last Wednesday which many have thought was intentional since former Government Minister, Elvin Penner was being questioned.  August says it had nothing to do with Penner but more to do with Senator Courtenay.


“From the beginning of this whole Senate Inquiry situation as a private citizen Alberto August joins in with many Belizeans in realizing that the senate inquiry is going absolutely no where because there is not any kind of evidence in terms of any kind of criminality or wrong doing on the part of any official of this party. In terms of Elvin Penner’s presence there it was just coincidence that I appeared there on the first Wednesday because this is something that I have been contemplating for many months. I as a private citizen I am protesting the presence of Eamon Courtney sitting anywhere in the senate of this nation a place where laws are made and this individual is in direct conflict of interest and he is sitting there. The action has nothing to do with Elvin Penner and everything to do with protesting Eamon Courtney.”

So what exactly is the reason why August is targeting Courtenay?  August says it has to do with instances of conflict of interest and of some level of betrayal to Belize by Courtenay.


“Specifically for this individual’s action in regards to doing things that are detrimental to every living and breathing Belizean. When he sits in the senate of our country and then he sits with the approval, he approves a piece of legislation to safeguard in this instance foreign reserves of this nation in one day he does that and the then next day he speaks to get this safeguard for the Belizean people repealed. These types of people are in direct conflict situations, if he wants to serve the interest of Michael Ashcroft then he can go ahead and do that but the Belizean people should protest him seeking to sit in a legislative body where laws governing all of us are made and then from there you are going to turn around and go seek litigation against this same piece of legislation that you voted for man something is definitely wrong. The leader of his party should have immediately removed him but since his leader is not interested in removing him then I believe that the Belizean people must rise up because the Belizean people are no longer treating, the Belizean people will rise up and make sure that if your leader does not want to move you then we are going to start the movement to seek to get your removed. Renee, if it’s just me I am going to do it but I am calling on all Belizeans. If that man was successful, if you hear him in an interview saying disrespectfully that he does not even see Alberto August, if this man was successful in getting the foreign reserves of this country transferred to Michael Ashcroft you know how many of us who he does not see would have to line up to get food to eat? If you think that the situation in Venezuela is bad, you make him succeed in capturing the foreign reserves of this nation and handing it over to Michael Ashcroft, all of us including yourself would have been in a line seeking to get something to eat. This man is bad for this nation, this man is bad for every single Belizean; PUP, UDP, black, white, yellow it does not matter, he is bad for every single Belizean.”

As the old adage goes, ‘the sins of the father fall upon the children’; this is being applied to Courtenay as August says it should never be forgotten that Courtenay’s father was arrested for allegedly embezzling over three million dollars from Social Security Board in the 1990s.


“The courts found him guilty of walking away with $3.34 million of our social security money and he was ordered to repay it. When his government came to office one of their first action was to go to the court and tell the court that Social Security is no longer interested in recouping the stolen money that is what we are protesting. Lisa Shoman was serving in some capacity when the one in 19987 and their first action was to go to court behind the backs of all Belizean people who pay into that fund and tell the court that Social Security no longer has any interest in recouping that $3.34 million dollars and that $3.34 million went right down the drain into the pockets of Vernon Harrison Courtney the father of that same fellow who sitting up there all sanctimonious.”


“So this is an independent movement that you are doing it has nothing to do with the UDP ?”


“Totally independent. I have already advised the leader of our party that I am doing this as a private citizen.”


After being acquitted on the charge of embezzlement, Courtenay’s father, Vernon Harrison Courtenay was facing a civil suit which he lost but was later excused from when the People’s United Party came into power in 1998.