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Belizeans breathe a sigh of relief after Harvey is down-graded

Forecasters continue to monitor the remnants of former Tropical Storm Harvey as it tracks west across the Caribbean Sea. As of midday today shower and thunderstorm activity increased. However, the system still lacks a well-defined center of circulation. The National Hurricane Center noted that over the next two days, the remnants have a medium chance to re-form into a tropical cyclone, with it having a higher chance over the next five days. But according to the Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Derrick Rudon, regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds are likely to spread westward across Honduras, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula during the next couple of days.


Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Derrick Rudon:

“Harvey weakened to an open tropical wave on Saturday the system was encountering some unfavorable environmental conditions and eventually weakened and is currently still a strong tropical wave, the current location of the system is about 15 degrees north 82 west and the remnants of it is moving to the west northwest at about 15-20 mph. We expect the system to continue to be a strong tropical wave with a chance of development, a very low chance of regaining tropical cyclone status before it reaches us but the place of redevelopment is more likely to occur of the Bay of Campeche after it reemerges over the gulf so the impact for us would be mostly rainfall.”

Reporter: In terms of that, the remnants are approaching Belize what can we expect over the course of today and tomorrow?

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Derrick Rudon: “The main thing that we can look forward to is a lot of rain, we expect heavy rainfall to occur especially over northern areas of the country and also along the coast. By tomorrow Tuesday most of the rainfall is going to spread inland as the system moves more towards the west.”