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Belizeans Car Jacked in Mexico

Places like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are popular destinations for visitors to Mexico. But there are other places outside Quintana Roo that Belizeans tend to travel. A group of 5 Belizean car dealers were returning from the USA towing vehicles when they were assaulted by carjackers who injured Ceasar Quiroz who was the lead driver of the caravan. Love News spoke via phone to John Burmudez who says that he was the last driver in the caravan in the hilly area of Acayucan, Veracruz, Mexico when he too drove into the ambush during which Mexican citizens were also robbed as well.  

Victim: “One of our guys was going down a hill. The bandits put out blocks on the road and the car he was driving had damaged one of the cars and fell off the hitch and when he came out… I told the other people that were behind driving: locals from Mexico for help and at that moment the bandits jumped out and assaulted my best friend. His name is Cesar Keros and his brother Ramon Keros was also a part of the group. There were four drivers and eight cars, each driver was pulling a car so we are all following each other. I was in the last car in the back so I showed up 2 minutes after the first car got there and the bandits had already assaulted my friend and when we pulled over too they retreated and then we all attacked and then they came back and attacked us and told us to hand over phones and get on the ground and they robbed us. We were on the ground but on top of the hill was where the guys were giving orders and then they had young guys on the bottom doing the robbery with machetes and the guys on the top had guns. Then they went into the cars and took some of the small valuables, then they came out and they were trying to search me. They knew I had a phone and I didn’t know they wanted my phone because I was laying down on top of my phone. According to the guys they were trying to make me roll over to get my phone but I didn’t understand what they were saying so the guy took a machete and hit me in the back with it. By that time the guys giving the command told them that it was time to go.”

Bermudez says that they should be safely over the border and on Belizean soil by Thursday.